Prices and promotions


Where can I see the subscription prices?

To see the prices of the different subscriptions available in your campus, click hereEnter your email and password.

Once you’ve entered your campus, you’ll see a red banner that says PRICES. Click on it to see all subscriptions (monthly, 6 month, one year, and two years).

If you receive an offer in your email, you need to click the link provided. To enjoy these kinds of offers, it’s important to remember the offer expiration date as well as the date the email was sent.


Why is the price for the app different from the campus?

We inform you that the pricing difference depends on the platform you use to subscribe:

-By purchasing the course through the Google Play Store or Apple Store, you accept the conditions of those platforms.

-By purchasing the course through the Campus, the prices and general conditions are those of ABA English.

My offer has expired

Don’t worry if your offer or discount has expired. We’re constantly sending new promotions.

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