Units and Exercises


In your Campus from your PC, as well as in your App on your mobile devices, you will find all the course material and all the exercises. It is like your personal, virtual class room. You can log in 24/7 and you will always automatically continue from where you left off.

You may have already seen that the course consists of six levels. Each level includes 24 units and each unit is divided into eight sections:

1. ABA Film: you will watch a short film containing a situation - an American & British Academy exclusive audiovisual production - with English subtitles.

2. Speak: you will record and study the whole conversation from the ABA Film sentence by sentence and in other contexts.

3. Write: you will do a dictation with all the sentences from the introductory ABA Film to improve your spelling.

4. Interpret: you will take on the roles of the characters from the introductory ABA Film to improve your fluency and experience a real-life situation.

5. Video Class: the best American & British Academy teachers will explain English grammar to you.

6. Exercises: you will find written exercises to practise what you’ve learnt.

7. Vocabulary: you will review the new words that you’ve learnt in the unit.

8. Assessment: you will do a test to check what you’ve learnt.


To find out more about the different exercises, take a look at the section Exercises


Can I repeat a section or exercise?

You can watch the videos and listen to the audio as many times as you want; however, you cannot repeat the exercises once they’ve been completed. On the other hand, you can review your progress in the course.

It’s important to save your progress in order to complete the units and access your certificates. That’s why it’s not possible to repeat exercises, although you can always access them to review your work.


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