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One of the best ways to learn English is watching films. ABA English bases English language learning on short films about real life in Europe and the United States produced exclusively by American and British Academy. They are a quick and fun way to learn English effortlessly.

The ABA Film is the starting point for the unit and contains the communicative functions and grammatical structures which you will learn in the other sections, where you will study the dialogue between the characters in the short film in detail, and by the end of the unit you will be capable of using all the expressions and including them in your spoken and written English.

To complete the "ABA Film" section, you must watch the short film at least once. In any case, we recommend that you watch it once with English subtitles and once without subtitles.

You can watch the short film as many times as you need until you can understand it perfectly without subtitles.

In order to change the subtitles just click on the box at the bottom left side of your video player.

Please note that it is necessary to watch the whole video,until it will automatically stop.Otherwise the section will stay uncompleted, and you will not be able to access to the final test 


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