In this section you will record and study all the sentences from the ABA Film and see them in other contexts. You will do the Listen-Record-Compare (LRC®) exercise with all the sentences. This consists of recording the sentence and comparing your English with that of the native actors until you have excellent English pronunciation and intonation.

This section is very important as it allows you to listen, understand and practice the grammatical structures and the new concepts introduced by the situation of the initial film

If you are studying in your Campus, read the following instructions:

  • Click on a sentence in English.
  • Click the record button to record the sentence and again once you have finished.
  • Compare the sentence you’ve recorded with the native speaker’s.

You can repeat the exercise as many times as you need until your pronunciation is like the natives’.



If you study from your mobile device just tap on the microphone and follow the instructions.



If you can’t complete the Speak section, you may have forgotten a short word or sentence from one of these sections. Please check all the pages from these sections and you will find a word or sentence that you haven’t listened to and recorded. Remember that the word you need to complete may be among the explanations or translations.

Remember that when a word or a sentence has been validated, it will turn green.

If it’s still blue, it means you haven’t started working on it.

If it is orange, it means you have started with this word, but you haven’t finished it.

Search in particular for very short words, such as “so” and “a”, which, due to their size, are easy to overlook!

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