In this section you will learn how to write the sentences from the ABA Film dialogue and you will assess your understanding of English with a dictation.

To complete the "Write" section, you must write all the sentences correctly.

In your Campus

  • Click on a box
  • Listen to the native’s voice
  • Write the corresponding sentence


The punctuation is a very important element in the writting part, we ask you to be careful with it. In order to do the writing exercises, we recommend you always use the correct punctuation marks as well as capital letters and spaces to make sure the sentences are always correct.

From the very first day you will get used to writing fluently without making spelling mistakes. You will improve your spelling thanks to our error detection technology: when you write, should you make a mistake in a sentence, you will see the cursor just before the first wrong character.

All the mistakes you make and your use of the help button to find out the correct answer, are stored in the course’s progress tool so you can see your progress and assess yourself.




The process is the same when studying in the app on your mobile device.



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