In this section you will imitate the actors in the ABA Film by “acting” in English. You will play the characters’ roles by recording their parts of the conversation and then you will listen to yourself as if you were experiencing a real-life experience. You can do this exercise playing and interpreting the role of the course’s 300 characters.

From the very first day you will get used to speaking fluently and to imitating the natives' voice. This exercise is great fun, as well as being an excellent tool for learning English

To complete the section in your Campus , you must interpret all the characters.

  • Choose a character.
  • When you can see the microphone icon flashing, start recording by repeating the sentence.
  • To stop recording, you must click the same microphone button. 

The system automatically moves on to the next sentence and you will have to do the same process to record your conversation.

Once you have finished all the pages in the section, click LISTEN TO YOUR INTERPRETATION



 If you study with a Mobile Device, it feels even more real!



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