After learning English grammar, you should complement the theoretical part with written exercises: these are very important for learning to write in English without making spelling mistakes, for practising the grammatical structures in each unit and for absorbing new vocabulary effortlessly.

You will do written exercises in English related to the unit with new examples which will help you gain vocabulary. Writing in English from the very start means you are not afraid to make mistakes and you consolidate what you have learned in the different sections of the course

To complete the Exercises section, you must do all the exercises.

  • Click on the spaces in each exercise.
  • Write the appropriate answers.

If you write the sentence correctly, the sentence will turn green and you will be able to do the next sentence, but if the sentence you write is incorrect, the box will turn red: the sentence will appear again and you will see the cursor where the mistake is in the sentence.

You can always consult the correct answer by clicking on the "?" button.



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