Which one is the best for me?

You can choose from different plans with different durations, from one month to two years, according to your needs. The current plans are:

- Monthly

- 6 month

- One year

- Two years

- Family Plan*, click here for more information.


How can I pay my subscription?

Apart from the monthly plan, the subscription amount should be paid in full at the time of payment.

On the payment page you can see the total price by clicking on CONTINUE before confirming your purchase.

In what currency can I pay my subscription?

We inform you that, according to the country selected when you register, you can pay in American dollars, Canadian dollars, Mexican pesos, Brazilian reals or euros.

You can see in which currencies the offers are shown directly in your Campus, by clicking here.


*Available only in some countries. To see if you can obtain this subscription, check it on your Campus> See prices.


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